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For the first time since forever, the whole world is on a compulsory holiday. The tension in the atmosphere clearly depicts that we are in a war; a war that fire- power is useless, grenades and machine guns just seem like toys. If you don’t know yet, please get it now; this is a war. …

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To be Immortal

I choose life Not just the continuity of inhaling and exhaling Not the breath of air but the breath of love Not the ability to stand and walk around But the power to engrave a mark on the sand of time So that when I finally leave this terrestrial ball I would still be alive …

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Find your niche

          Source: Shutterstock “You can be anything you want to be Just believe, think upon it and you’ll become it It’s just the law of attraction, you’ll attract it” This is the advice that has led so many people to live a frustrated life. Many people, even those termed successful are deeply depressed because fulfillment …

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Yejide, take a message to my dad Not a note but a verbal message Tell him I do really miss him And I long to see him but I’m not ready Not because I have failed or in shackles But because the raging passion in me has refused to subside making it impossible for me …

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