Beauty has five letters and it doesn’t have ‘U’ in it
It however begins with B; a beautiful blend of all that’s decent
The ‘E’ you know is replaced by an L; a representation of love untainted by lust
At the centre of it is the letter ‘A’ reminding you that life begins only when you have beauty in it.
Beauty makes you cool, calm, cultured, comely, 4c’s , no wonder it’s fourth letter is a ‘C’
If I have been able to get your attention then you know that what I’m describing is the Klimax of everything, and Yes! ‘Klimax’ is spelt with a K.
So for me, beauty is spelt B-L-A-C-K.
Yes! Black, not the colour of your skin but the colour of your decisions and choices
It’s the power that exudes strength and discipline
The elegance that is shown in awesome simplicity
Some say it’s evil, for they can’t understand its mystery
But don’t worry, people fear or dread what they don’t understand
If you ever find someone whose nature exudes black then you need not search for any other
For in that person you’ve found the greatest gift of all
So when next you are asked to spell the word beauty remember I told you it’s B- L- A- C- K
* Celebrating all those whose beauty is not just in the colour of their skin but the content of their heart.
©Sawndei 2019
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