Choosing the RIGHT PAIN

Where were you when the pain was piercing
When my lips were filled with songs of mourning
Where were you when I could no longer sleep
When the ticking of the clock was my metronome
I needed you so badly, to talk away my sorrow
I’d wish you stayed and be my soothing balm
But you disappeared like you always do
Whenever it is you are needed most
I’m done with this circus of ‘on and off’ love
I’m done with having you come and go as you please
I’m done with this fairy tale that never seems to end
I’m done, Yes I’m done with the aspiration that will never be
I love you! At least that’s how I feel, but I hate you for the misery you’ve caused me
So I choose pain rather than be miserable
I choose the heartrending feeling of walking away from someone my soul is tied to
Rather than endure the continuous deceit that erodes my life’s source
I know my heart will eventually find its healing
I only pray that no one will treat you the way you treated me.
* Do not toy with anybody’s emotion, When people give you their time, they give you a portion of their life. Respect that
Have you ever loved someone and you felt you couldn’t live without the person? How did you finally let go?
Or Are still struggling with walking out of a relationship that’s not healthy?
Share your experience and thoughts. Thanks for reading
© Sawndei 2019

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