I was scared
If I’d told you the truth, you’d left
Walking away with my heart
Leaving me with so much hurt
So I lied, to keep what’s fleeting
Chaff soon to be blown away by the wind
I was scared
If I ever ventured out, I’d lost
All of the treasures accrued
Or my energy would have been expended
On a path that adds no value in the end
So I played save, keeping what I had
Not knowing what I could have
I was scared
To wake up and chase the dream
The awesome reality of what I could become
Because I’ve heard stories of men who drown
And the heights they saw, they never did attain
So I stayed wrapped up on my bed hoping
That fulfilment come while I do nothing
Yes! I was scared and I was scarred
More by the pains of not letting go
More by the regrets of not spending all
More by the disappointment of unchased dreams
So I woke up, opened the door that housed my fears
And there was nothing there but air
Then I realise, It has all been in my head
© Sawndei 2019

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