The World Needs YOU

I do not claim to understand what you’ve been through.
I may or may not be able to relate with the battles you’ve fought or you’re fighting,
the pains you’ve experienced, the betrayals, the struggles and all the scars that might have earmarked your path.
The truth is this, we are all warriors fighting different battles with different weapons.
For many, it seems like a series on the unending battle, for success, seems to be momentary.
It’s like levels in a game, a breakthrough in one level only ushers you into a more difficult level.
We, therefore, all search for that summit where serenity is guaranteed; a life free from struggle and pain.
Some work hard, study hard and just do all the ‘right’ things they’ve heard or read about and for many life just gets a little better and the best is still beyond their reach.
Some grow weary and just give up on life, success and everything. So we read of suicide, robbery, murder, fraud, prostitution and all the vices that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.
All this because someone got to the crossroad of frustration, despair and hopelessness.
I hope you have not given up yet?
For we’ve lost so many books, preachers, poets, world leaders and influencers, technological advancements to suicides, drugs, abortions and wiles just because one person believed a lie.
A lie that your mates are far ahead and doing great things
A lie that you’re destined for failure because you have failed repeatedly
A lie that poverty is the hallmark of your lineage
A lie that you can never amount to anything
A lie that what will be will be, there’s nothing you can do to influence the direction of your life
Well, here is the truth, you are beautiful beyond comprehension, you are the emblem of perfection.
You are carefully carved by the greatest of all sculptors
You are the masterpiece of the greatest artist that ever lived
You are the most beautiful music yet to be played
Your stories; yet unwritten would ace anyone that has ever made new york’s best seller
You are beautiful, I hope you know how much you’re really worth, then you will understand that you’re just a treasure waiting to be revealed.
Don’t give up, the world needs you.
© Sawndei 2019

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