For the first time since forever, the whole world is on a compulsory holiday. The tension in the atmosphere clearly depicts that we are in a war; a war that fire- power is useless, grenades and machine guns just seem like toys.
If you don’t know yet, please get it now; this is a war.

It is a Bio-War
This is not like many wars we are familiar with, it’s different. It’s humans against the virus. A virus that’s said to cause respiratory illness and has been codified COVID-19. There has been many talks about its origin, however according to John Hopkins medicine, it has just been concluded that it has no link to the seafood market in WUHAN, China as was earlier stated. Investigations are still going on as to how this virus originated and spread.
Casualties in wars are normally caused by hostility from one individual to another but this is different, it only spread among friends and people in the same community. A handshake or just a sneeze is all that’s required to spread this virus. So keep the distance, stay alive.

It is an Economic War
According to South China Morning Post, “… Beijing should expect more economic convulsion”. Just On Tuesday 17th March 2020, Metro news stated clearly that the UK economy could shrink as much as 20% in the next three months as Coronavirus triggers a ‘big recession’. The United States of America and the rest of the world are not left out.
So therefore, it is imperative to know the war you are faced with and prepare adequately for it. There is going to continually be an economic shock in the days to come and so we all must brace ourselves for it. Cut down costs and expenses as much as you can.

It is a Psychological War
The mainstream media are fully consumed with the word “Coronavirus”. Twitter top trending news is centered majorly on corona virus. The law of attraction simply put;
The Law of attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on
So if you keep focusing on Coronavirus, you attract fear and you might even begin to see symptoms of the virus. You may also need to filter what you hear and read so that you can stay sane.

It is a Spiritual War
Many religious organizations are calling for meetings out of fear and not faith. Fear has consumed the land and rightly so, because all the evidences around are justifying the fears we see.
Lest we forget, this world was created by faith, it is being run by men who believe in the impossible and only those who have faith would survive in this time. So Yes! This is a Spiritual War, keep the faith.

The Creed
In this war some will be victorious and some will be vanquished. Only those who fight will have the chance of winning. Anyone who chooses not to fight would be termed a coward and the African proverb says; cowards die ten times before their death.

How to fight?
1. Stay Sanitized

In nations as religious as Nigeria, We are prone to ignoring simple instruction that is meant to keep us safe and healthy. However, I don’t know of any religion that is anti- personal hygiene. So during this period, obey the simple injunction of cleanliness.

2. Social Distance
As a Spiritual person, I know many great things are birthed in a place of personal communion. So for me the word is not actually social distance, it is actually, going on a retreat. Stay away from the crowd, this period, Sit by yourself and prayerfully plan the next decade of your life at the very least.

3. Fight on your Knees
Except you are a medical practitioner or a researcher who needs to be in the clinic saving lives or looking for a cure, then you should spend more time on your knees praying to God.

This war is against the whole human race and so everyone is a soldier and must fight this battle to the very end. When it’s all over, if you have done what I had written, you will most likely have been set for the rest of your life.

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