To Burn or To Bow

I have decided not to give up
Not because I’ve got a lift to go up
Not because I see the gate right before me
Not because I have the strength to stay on course
Not because my experiences had been rosy
Nor has my path been glazed with daisies
But because I have a need to meet
A burning desire that keeps me awake all night
A raging war within that would not accept mediocrity
A stirring that pushes me off the bed of comfortability
A voice that encourages me to be the one
And not part of the crowd that will drown
I know I am destined to walk on waters
And this vision, for even ships I refuse to falter
I know I’ve got the seed of greatness within
So I became deaf to those who say I can’t win
I’m not obnoxious of the hatred targeted at my fulfilment
I’ve just chosen to be dumb waiting for the result
I am a trail-blazer so I will blaze the trail
I am a pathfinder so I will find the path
I can’t afford to lose because I gave up
For now, I see clearly the way to the top
Nothing is now going to stop me from getting there
I have decided not to bow to the pressure of failure and defeat
To the coercing force of pain, sorrows and plight
I am persuaded, I have decided
I am determined to rather burn than bow
©Sawndei 2019

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