Yejide, take a message to my dad
Not a note but a verbal message
Tell him I do really miss him
And I long to see him but I’m not ready
Not because I have failed or in shackles
But because the raging passion in me has refused to subside making it impossible for me to take a break from destiny
When you see him please don’t try to impress him
He’s a wise man and would see through your lies
And it will break his heart
When you talk to my dad, know that he’ll hear the words you didn’t say
So It’s expedient you stay real for you’re the message I’m actually sending to him
You are my aroko; a symbolic representation of myself
Please yejide, Just be you;
Looking slim and tall
That he may get my message clearly and undistorted;
That I’ve remained decent and pure all these years
That I have not allowed the craving of this life to erode the simplicity he taught me
And even though there are dark days, my heart still glows
Of a truth, he will look at you and realise I’m slimmer by the strain of walking the path of fulfilment but he’d rejoice to know that I’m getting better and ‘taller’ each day.
Footnote: If you are far away from home, no matter the reason why you left, you need to remember that you’re part of a colony and so you must live each day making sure that the person you are now is better than the one that left home.
*Yejide means pride of my mother

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